Welcome to Solo

My journey with Solo AI Website Creator began during the pandemic. I wanted to teach kids how to play chess for free while also running my tech startup. Like other solopreneurs, freelancers and hobbyists, I dabbled with tools such as Wix and Squarespace but I struggled with the multitude of settings, design choices and simply drafting and curating the content and images.

Fast forward to 2023, and upon joining Mozilla, there was an opportunity to build something better with generative AI and thus, Solo was born. In our short time operating Solo, we've seen thousands of happy businesses take advantage of our service to build and host their website, which is just awesome!

What I really love is we are democratizing access to solopreneurs. We make website creation accessible, especially for the non-technical. We use AI to address major painpoints around writing and design. We then take it a step further and make it 100% free so you can put every dollar towards growing your business.

We hope Solo works for you and if you have any feedback, please contact us at support@soloist.ai

- Raj & Solo Team

P.S. To read more about the work involved in building Solo, see this post on the Mozilla blog.

How we're different from other website builders?

With Solo, you can instantly create a website for your business. In the coming months, we'll be adding more features to help grow your business. Solo is:

Simple: We made Solo so you don't need to rely on your 'tech buddy.' We intentionally limited the design and editing choices so you're not overwhelemed by options and settings.

Beautiful: Solo websites look great on the desktop and from your mobile phone. We even integrated light-weight animations so your business website looks as polished as your business itself!

Fast: Solo's AI does the hard part and fast. It generates the content and curates the images. Too many solopreneurs have told us that they tried to build their website but got stuck here.

Free: As far as we know, Solo is the only AI Website Creator where you can connect and host your custom domain for free. We want to democratize access for builders and this is the best way to do it.

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